Thursday, April 26, 2012


Salam girls!!!!!
So probably many of you have already known that i just got urm *cough*engaged*cough* last week through my twitter, FB, instagram (amboih) and hints on my previous posts. Now, I'm going to show you lovely peeps on what kind of product I used for le makeup of le day. 

My past experiences as a bridesmaid for my friends, I know that we as a girl would surely want makeup that last long. as for me i want makeup that not only last long, but also HALAL so i can wear it straight on for my prayers without going through the whole makeup process again (please read the comments below regarding on this matter :)). sigh. its hard but I finally FOUND it! yay me! so here it goes!

Steps on how to look fabulous with THE HALAL product i found, FARMASI COLOUR COSMETICS (FCC)

 start by using this amazing FCC Liquid Concealer to cover up your tiny scars or maybe the unwanted-evil pimple to appear flawless. 

next use this FCC Stay Matte Foundation to avoid your face goes bling-bling as you WILL sweat after the long wait in the room. :) 

then of course the most important feature is THE EYES ladies. i want something that is not too smokey but still makes my eyes stand out in the photo so i use this colour palette. i highlight my cheeks by using FCC Powder Pearls Blush in bronze tan as it compliments my skin tone nicely. 

then to further hightlight my eyes and to appear flawless i use all the above in a quick stroke not too much mind you.

 the last point for my face is the lips. ooohhh the oh-so-important lips but i dont want any eye-popping colour so i stay true to my ever-so-friendly earth tones the brown lipstick and a lil bit of shine with the rouge liquid lipstick.

the breath-hitching moment when my future-mother-in-law slide that engagement ring. so its important ladies to make sure your fingers look good. i use this nail cuticle oil to make my nails look extra shiny and presentable of course. dont worry its not nail polish whatsoever u can bring it to prayer cause its just oil. :D

mana nak dapat this super adorable HALAL make ups? sarung kaki dengan your super comfortable shoes now and head on to your nearest Parkson Grand baby! OR oh well, nowadays siapa tak shopping online kan, Fashion Valet kan ada semua. click here!

kening serabut u can never leave me alone :p

so so so in love with this product as they dont even sell fake eyelashes!!!! u have my full support FCC! fake eyelashes are HARAM for us muslim girls, rujuk gambar di bawah please

source: google

makeup video tutorial in next entry? ngeeeeh


farah a.rahim said...

yana~makeup tunang tu sgt comel ayu anggun jelita gituuu

h A n Y s said...

yana, u said that: "but also HALAL so i can wear it straight on for my prayers without going through the whole makeup process again."

maksud u, kita boleh berwudhu terus evento mekap still pada muka, is it?

if yes, boleh ke gitu? as what i know, air wudhu perlu kena pada kulit, so kalau mekap ada pada muka, air tak straight away kena pada kulit, rite? and that's why kita tak boleh warnakan rambut sebab air tak kena pada rambut (mandi wajib)..

just my 2cents, correct me if im wrong~ ;D

h A n Y s said...

and and, will definitely get this stuff, HALAL kaaannn, cant let it go of course! xD

abby said...

baru je nk request tutorial :)

petisuara said...

HANYS:i pernah tanya ustaz n ada from sumber2 lain make up ni sama mcm pencuci muka, moisturizer, toner semua tu, dia serap terus ke dalam kulit, cuma ada warna je tgl atas lapisan kulit, so dia telap air smyang, but if ure not comfortable with it, can always cuci first or take a wudhu bfre the event :)

Salwati Sapei said...

okey tak brand make up tu??boley try nie..hehe^^

Cik Suriz said...

tanak pakai bulu mata pelesu. mata dah cukup bulu dah. haha

nor isneini mohd ayob said...

mana2 parkson ada jual ke ni?

Bazilah said...

Salam.. Boleh tak you bgi tutorial hijab yang cover full chest macam you pakai tu? :)

petisuara said...

so far ok la brand ni, i suka sebab wangi...

rasanye semua parkson grand ada, try parkson grand pavi n sg wang

alahai hijab tutorial?insyaAllah nanti k hehe

Y . A . N . A said...

suke tgk org make-up, tpi tak confident... cantek tgk u, natural~~~

DNF said...

salam, eye liner tu akan macam jatuh tak lama-lama? kira macam sesetengah eye liner nanti buat lower eye lid jadi makin gelap/hitam sebab eye liner tu jatuh.